Hi! We Are Jesse & Becky

We’re Hoping to add to our family through adoption!

We are so thankful you are considering us as a part of your adoption plan. We don’t know the struggles you’ve been through and can only imagine the hard decisions you are facing. We are here to help assure you that, if you choose us, your decision will lead to a safe, happy, and successful life for your child, filled with laughter and unconditional love. We are excited to grow our family and would be honored to bring your child into our lives forever! 

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About Us

We have been together for 8 years and married for over 5. We met through an online dating service, and exchanged emails and texts for several weeks before meeting face to face. On our first date, we went out for dinner and bowling. One and a half years later, Jesse called Becky’s dad for permission to marry, and we got engaged right before a road trip to watch baseball in Kansas City. And as they say, “the rest is history”!

Even though we have struggled to start a family, it has made us stronger and brought us closer together. We have supported each other throughout the highs and lows of losing loved ones, job changes, and more. We also like to make each other laugh every day – it helps to lighten the mood and allows us time to refocus on what’s important. Outside of work, we like to try new restaurants, watch baseball, catch a new movie in the theater, spend time with friends, and play with our puppy.

As parents, we plan on sharing our hobbies with your child. We will also take him/her on trips to see their grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and to visit new places like the ocean or mountains. Many of our friends have children, so we have a great support system and your child will have lots of friends to grow up with!

Interesting Facts About Us

  • We like checking out new restaurants, especially ones featured on the Food Network.

  • Jesse wants to learn the Olympic sport of curling.

  • We like to browse cool small-town downtown shops, even if we don’t buy anything.

  • Becky took piano lessons growing up & wants to learn how to play guitar.


Why Adoption

We are blessed to have firsthand experience with adoption, as two of our friends have adopted children. We’ve always known that we wanted to have a family and started trying to grow our family 3 years ago. However, we were unable to conceive after several rounds of fertility treatments. It was then we realized our path to becoming parents would be different. We are excited to have opened our hearts to adoption and look forward to welcoming your child with so much love!


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Call or Text: (763) 200-7215

Email: JesseandBeckyadopt@gmail.com